Western Knights Armor Up

Christian Western Knights has +1 / +2 armor - to represent historical better quality of armors
Sword attack +1

This Feature is not a separate Feature anymore, it's included one to one in Catholic Factions Boost so in Application please select this one.

Why ?

As far as I know there are historical sources mentioning that for ex.: Crusaders on First Crusade were far better armored - protected then theirs enemies.
Ex: in Anna Comnena works.
As I understand good quality armors were some kind of specialization of western-christian Europe in terms of better craftsmanship but also higher availability of good quality steel.

Details :

  • All non-islam & non-orthodox & non-eastern & non pagan units with knight attribute will get better armor.
  • There are about 53 such units, both cavalry and infantry (disbanded knights), unit technical names are below.
  • All those units, if Armor is <= 10 that got Armor +2 , and if Armor > 10 that got Armor +1
  • All those units: Cavalry : secondary attack +1, Infantry: primary attack +1
Feudal Knights
English Knights
French Chivalric Knights
Noble Knights
Portuguese Knights
Imperial Knights
Gothic Knights
Italian MAA
Norman Knights
Broken Lances
Famiglia Ducale
Royal Banderium
Polish Nobles
Polish Knights
Polish Guard
NE Bodyguard
SE Bodyguard
Knights Templar
Knights Hospitaller
Knights of Santiago
Crusader Knights
Hungarian Nobles
Dismounted Feudal Knights
Dismounted English Knights
Dismounted Noble Knights
Dismounted Imperial Knights
Dismounted Gothic Knights
Dismounted Portuguese Knights
Dismounted Norman Knights
Dismounted Polish Knights
Dismounted Polish Nobles
Dismounted Crusader Knights
Dismounted Templar Knights
Dismounted Knights Hospitaller
Dismounted KM
Knights of Montesa
Gotland Footmen
Dismounted Ritterbruder
Knights of Jerusalem
Templar Confrere Knights
Constable of Jerusalem
Dismounted Knights Of Jerusalem
Dismounted Knights of Antioch
Knights of Antioch
Canons of the Holy Sepulcher
Mailed Knights
Caballeros Hidalgos
Chivalric Knights
Dismounted Chivalric Knights
Dismounted Sword Mailed Knights
Dismounted Mailed Knights
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