Watchtowers To Forts

This feature replaces some of the starting watchtowers with permanent forts

Why ?

Forts are nice feature, but AI is unable to construct them properly & does stupid thing if fort is near settlement - it abandons settlement & moves a lot of forces from settlement to fort.
So - no constructing forts on campaign map during gameplay.

Second option is to put predefined forts on campaign start.
But this is a lot of work.

So I go with third option - I' using existing starting watchtowers - there are 52 of them at the beginning of campaign - and some of them are changed into permanent forts.
Watchtowers being changed needs to be more far than 7.0 'tiles' from nearest settlement. It's a parameter.
So the only changed watchtowers are ones far enough from settlements.
So the AI won't get dumb with them (hope so).

This feature works well with Watchtowers To Villages - now campaign map starts to look very interesting.
Some watchtowers will be changed to forts, the rest of them that are near to settlements will look like small villages - it's real cool and realistic.

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