Very Huge Unit Size

If you already play with Huge unit size but still want to have bigger armies … :-)

Do you want your troops line to be so long to the horizon ?
And do you have strong PC ? :-)


  • this feature is disabled by default, you need to enable it manually
  • you should use this feature ONLY if you already play on huge unit size in options, if not and you want bigger armies than first enlarge unit size in options.
  • all unit sizes in export_descr_units.txt are +25% larger
  • except 8 pikemen units which are already at maximum size (100) in vanilla sship, they can't be bigger anymore but they got +1 to stats to keep balance between troops.
  • recruit & upkeep costs are +25% higer - optional, disabled by default
  • replenish rates -25% : optional, disabled by default

Preferred way to install - my install

  • Apply your features set with this disabled
  • start new game & save it & quit game
  • Again apply your features set with this enabled , with enabled options for costs & replenish
  • run game & load previous save
  • why that way ?
  • because we don't want to mess the factions initial budgets & army upkeep costs etc with are carefully designed by SSHIP team.
  • so all initial troops and costs will be as in vanilla AND THEN only new recruited troops will be bigger & more expensive.

Alternative way to install

  • enable it from the campaign start, but than keep option "recruit & upkeep costs" disabled - because you can break the factions budgets.
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