Here is 'how to use it' manual

After installing ( Installation instructions ) please open SSHIP-Tweaks folder and run SSHIP-Tweaks.jar file.
It's a 'Java executable', Windows OS should run the application after 'Enter' or double click.

Main Application

  • "Apply Features" will install selected features (tweaks)
  • You can select / unselect individual tweaks by clicking on / off checkboxes .
  • almost all features has "Description Url" - click to open particular feature description, most urls leads to this wiki.
  • some feature has "Options" - click to open.
  • Filter - fill filter feature by names, descriptions, categories, etc.

Default selection of features/tweaks

  • all tweaks are selected except tweaks that modify campaign map
  • why ? because campaign map modification deletes map.rwm and than the new game / start game will take a lot of time to regenerate it. So please select rest 'map' features intentionally. I just want to avoid false bug reportings.
  • I personally play with all of the features selected (Gibraltar & La Manche land bridges selected)

Backup is always created

  • every "Apply Features" operation creates full backup of files being modified, so it's safe and easy to reverse
  • "Apply Features" on first step restores backup of previous operation, so you can apply features many times.
  • Restore backup will … restore backup.
  • Backup folder is inside 'SSHIP-Tweaks' folder, you can manually restore it or see files being backed-up.
  • More - read How it works


  • Options has parameters than you can modify.
  • Double click on parameter Value column to modify it.
  • It's very important to preserve parameter data format, Type column describes available format of data
  • It's very important that you confirm your particular parameter value change with Enter or Tab buttons !
  • and then Ok

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