Snow Storm Nerfed

Battle Snow Storm weather effect is nerfed

Why ?

Battle Snow Storm effect occurs in winter battles, occurs very often (playing as Aragon, in northern Iberia (??) & southern France).
Its fog effect is very strong, I'm almost completely unable to command my troops.
Such strong effect also is in favor of AI which is doing quite good in zero visibility weather.
So :

Details :

  • changes in weatherDb.xml file
  • probability of 'snow' pattern lowered by 50% for all climates (steppe, highland, alpine, temperate_deciduous_forest, temperate_coniferous_forest)
  • Pattern 'snow' fog effect 'max' param lowered by 50% - so less dense fog for Snow Storm, greater visibility.

If anyone want to propose better params, please write on TW Forum.
I've done 50% nerf equally because don't have time for long considerations.
Please propose better values, or maybe no nerf in some climates (northern ?).
I know very little about weatcherDb file & generally weather system, I wanted a quick fix for my battles.

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