Settlement Unrest Lowered

Settlement Unrest level is lowered, but Religious unrest is bigger

Why ?

I find unrest & squalor level too big.
This tweak will lower it significantly, but keeping order in large settlements still will be a challenge.
Religious unrest is bigger - I want to more feel religious tensions, and opposite - settlements with unified religion will be very stable.


There are three parameters being modified, all are in Options :

  • Squalor - is lowered from orginal 0.45 to 0.29, so it's ~ 33 % less of squalor
  • Religious Unrest - is raisen up, from orginal 0.7 to 1.5, so + 100% of religious unrest. I want Religion to have bigger impact on Settlements.
  • Garrison - rainse from 2.0 to 4.0 , so + 100% bigger order from garrison units. Now garrisoned units have much bigger posotive influence on city order.
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