Population Resources Limited

The aim of this feature is to introduce bigger effect of limited population resources in terms of limited recruitment availabilities.
Historically - world Medieval population was really small, plus black death plagues.
Manpower was really really limited, soldiers life were important.
If you drain your population resources - you have no units to recruit.

Details :

For all building & all units :

  • replenish rates are lowered by 3 (options parameter) !!! Means that 3 x more turns (compared to vanilla sship) are needed to replenish every unit in every settlement.
  • max stack number is multiplied by 2.
  • initial availability factor is increased +1. (approximatelly). These means that at campaign start there are approx +1 stacked number of every unit in buildings that initially can be recruited.

THESE is serious game changing modification.


Effects are surprisingly very very good.
Increased initial availability makes it possible to recruit even large army at start.
But long campaigns & wars, intensive recruiting will quickly drain your population resources.
Long wars causes effect that every every available unit is recruited, every single mercenary is hired !! :-)
Works both for player and AI.
Mercenaries becomes very important !

Max stack number multiplied by 2 - it makes possible to 'store up' population resources in long periods of peace.

Now - you need to plan, think strategically.

What should be done ?

maybe AI needs some replenish bonuses, because it can't plan & behave strategically as player can.


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