Non Spear Infantry Attack Boost

All melee non spear infantry get +1 attack bonus.

Why ?

Cavalry is strong in SSHIP.
Strong cavalry forces everybody to use a lot of spear units.
And many spear units are quite strong, very universal.
Spear units can defend from cavalry but also they handle enemy sword / mace / … infantry quite well.
So a lot of armies (ex. my armies) consists of cavalry, missile, a lot of spear units and some sword / mace units.

So I want to boost attack of non-spear non-polearm melee infantry, to make it more useful, to create more diversity on battlefield.
With this tweak, sword & mace infantry should deal more quickly with spear infantry, so pure cavalry & spear armies will be not so useful.


  • All melee infantry units that:
  • as primary weapon are NOT using spears or knifes
  • or can't go phalanx formation
  • or doesn't have in name halberds / berdishe
  • get +1 attack bonus to primary weapon.
  • so it means : all infantry with primary weapon such as swords or maces or axes (but not polearms !) got +1 attack bonus to that weapon.

Updates units list (from output log, you can see it youself):

PatcherEngine: Feature [Non Spear Infantry Attack Boost] execution started …
Units StatPri Attack+:
Royal Hirdsmen, Sword and Buckler Men, georgian mandaturi, Woodsmen, Transilvanian Peasants, Religious Fanatics, Flagellants, Axe Militia, Armored Swordsmen, Zweihander, Forlorn Hope, NE Urban Militia, Militia Serjeants, Venetian Heavy Infantry, Dismounted Feudal Knights, Dismounted English Knights, Dismounted Noble Knights, Dismounted Imperial Knights, Dismounted Gothic Knights, English Huscarls, Dismounted Portuguese Knights, Dismounted Italian MAA, georgian dismounted heavy lancers, Dismounted Norman Knights, Dismounted Polish Knights, Dismounted Broken Lances, Dismounted Polish Nobles, Dismounted Druzhina, Dismounted E Chivalric Knights, Galloglaich Mercs, Free Company Men at Arms, Dismounted Mercenary German Knights, Kashtim Thralls, Ghazis, Janissary Heavy Inf, Tabardariyya, Urban Militia, Dismounted Christian Guard, Disamounted Turhagut, Kasogi, Abna Heavy Axemen, Dismounted Crusader Knights, Dismounted Templars, Dismounted Templar Knights, Dismounted Knights Hospitaller, Dismounted Knights of Santiago, Drengjar, Desert Raiders, Scandinavian Guard, Junior Militia, Dismounted KM, Hashishim Mercenaries, georgian medium swordsmen, Swabian Swordsmen, Axemen, Mercenary Saracens, Armenian Infantry, Dismounted Norman Cavalry, Gotland Footmen, Dismounted Vlastelcici, Dismounted Ritterbruder, Dismounted Knights of Antioch, Pisan and Geonese sailors, Edessan Guard, Canons of the Holy Sepulcher, Caliphs Guard, Dismounted Ghulams, Al Haqa Infantry, Followers of Perkunas, Giltines Chosen, Ducal Axe, Lithuanian Noble Infantry, Dismounted Imperial Guard, Daylami Light Infantry, Doppelsoldner, L Regular Infantry, Lithuanian Axemen, Dismounted Boyars, Prussian Axemen, Vlach Axemen, Alamanoi, Castrophilakae, Scoutatoi Swordsmen, Spartharii tou Vasileos, Varangian Guard, Syrian Auxilliaries, Dismounted Chivalric Knights, Dismounted Sword Mailed Knights, Dismounted Mailed Knights, Dismounted Armats, Thanes, Highlanders, Highland Nobles, Atgeirmenn, Norse Axemen, Norse Swordsmen, Viking Raiders,
PatcherEngine: Feature [Non Spear Infantry Attack Boost] execution done, updated (1) files

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