Nobility Many Generals Governors

It's a lot easier to recruit generals (Bodyguard unit), even from smallest settlements
Goal is to enable possibility to have many (enough) Generals & Governors

Why 'Many Generals Governors' ?

  • Campaign AI has a bug -> it's often sending armies without generals. It's impossible to fix.
  • So the idea is : if AI has enough generals, it should send at least one in attacking army (even randomly/statistically).
  • Next: as a player: number of available generals & governors on game start for some factions is really really small.
  • Generals or Governors - it's Nobility. I think they should be generally easier available.
  • Of course if you loose them in a war (like France at Agincourt) - you don't have them.
  • Recruitable generals do not affect family tree, dynasty - they are not family so it's safe.
  • Nobility - it's the 'Oligarchy' social class. I think there is no vacuum in this social class, sooner or later someone will be here.
  • From history : When there's period with lack of Nobility (army commanders or governors), ruler can accolade for knight the most capable folks - and we have Nobility.
  • So to summarize - Nobility should be a lot easier to recruit then in vanilla SSHIP :-).


  • Bodyguards (suitable for each faction) are recruitable from smallest:
  • city with replenish rate 40 turns (15 years), parameter "City Replenish Turns", each next city level lower replenish rate by 1 (parameter "City Replenish Bonus")
  • castle with replenish rate 36 turns (14 years), parameter "Castle Replenish Turns", each next castle level lower replenish rate by 1 (parameter "Castle Replenish Bonus")
  • AI has + 100% bonus to replenish rates, so they're accordingly 20 & 18
  • Higher settlement levels have bigger maximum 'stacked' units, up to 2 or 3 in biggest settlements.


  • This feature works very very good
  • AI is training additional generals, there's more stacks commanded by generals.
  • if your non-family general will win tough battle you will be offered 'Man of the hour' adoption into royal family :
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