No Dread On Assasinations

Assassinations don't cause Dread. Training spyies & assassins don't cause Dread

Why ?

I would like to have feature: to remove enemy agents from my territory, especially religious agents and assassins.
Such actions could be seen as lawful actions, not only lawfull but necessary from the leader to protect his people.

It's not possible in game, the only way is to kill enemy agents.
Second try: ok, killing on my own territory should be lawful, without penalties. See Assasins home protectors
But this is also impossible.

So i decided to switch off 'Dread' effect on assasinations & training spies & assassins.


Appling Dread effect was switched off in Traits (Trait , Level) :

  • "SpyMaster", "Master_of_Espionage"
  • "AssassinMaster", "Open_to_Murder"
  • "AssassinMaster", "Mixes_with_Killers"
  • "AssassinMaster", "Master_of_Assassins"

Applying Dread Trait (StrategyDread( was switched off in Triggers:

  • King_Employs_Spies_Success
  • King_Employes_Assassins_Success
  • King_Employes_Assassins_Failure
  • governing10
  • governing11
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