Muslim Factions Boost

Gives various benefits to muslim factions


  • Muslim Units : +1 bonus to Replenish rates. Islam's a strictly militaristic society.
  • Ahdath Militia bonuses : 20% recruitment cost, 1 turn recruit time (org 2). Explanation: Ahdath Militia is casual militia unit for Moors, the most basic one, often it's the only one available to recruit in small settlements. Recruitment of such basic core unit should be easy, like Spear Milita.
  • Muslim Temples +1 to religious converion effect
  • Additional +1 bonus to Replenish rates (sums with above) to below units:
  • Ahdath Militia
  • Fari Lancers
  • Tawashi Light Cavalry
  • Arab Cavalry

Now, Byzantine & Europe - start to fear & get ready.

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