Mod Goals

A few words why I have created this mod, what are my goals.


My first SSHIP modification was to remove merchants. Merchants just drove me crazy.
It was surprisingly easy task and than I started my Medieval 2: TW modding adventure.

Why application, not just simple modding files ?

Because I was aware of fact that SSHIP team will release further versions of this excellent mod.
I don't want to loose most of my work at each SSHIP release.
Next reason is below

Why Java application ?

I'm software developer, currently I'm in a process of 'transfer' from MS (.Net) technologies to Java.
So this application was my playground to learn Java & it's dev environment.

General goals of my modifications

  • realism, example features are Garrison Script, Longer Battles, Army Supplies Costs
  • more religious aspect, I want the religious tensions to be more visible in the game. Some features related to are ex.: Temples Tweaks
  • cultural / civilization / religious diversity among knigdoms / peoples / nations . I think thew mod should show bigger diversity between Catholic - Orthodox - Muslim - Turanian (mongols) factions. These aspect is still in conceptual development, but some features are already done, like Factions Specifics , Catholic Factions Boost, Muslim Factions Boost etc.
  • as believing Catholic I want to give glory to my 'Christianitas' ancestors - brave & wise men who builded beautiful Christian Europe with it's culture, strength, potential.

Why wiki not TW Forums ?

Because TW Forums are ….. very very slow :-( . Almost unusable.
I want provide quite detailed description for every feature, so it's a lot of editor's work and needed fast write - save - check - edit - … cycle . wiki is excellent free site, excellent tool for this task.

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