Merchants Removed

This feature (tweak) removes all merchants agents from the game.

Why remove merchants from game ?

Are you tired of merchants micro-management and those endless merchant resource wars ?
I was tired, so I've created this tweak.

I think merchants are 'overpowered', their importance in game economy is too big.
In game, as a faction ruler (King) you have no full control over your territory and resources, enemy merchants even from factions you are at war with (no trade rights) can dominate over YOUR trade resources.
I find this unrealistic, non-historic - that's my personal opinion. As I know/think - most rulers has strict policy about merchants trade rights & profits from it, who is allowed to trade over their territory and who's not,
and such policy was successfully executed.
In addition - human player can exploit merchant system weakness, use his power-knowledge of good trade resources spots over the map, etc.

So, all merchants are removed, game economy is balanced to compensate merchants removal and merchants guilds requirements are lowered.
Now every faction has full control over it's trade resources, over benefits from trade resources.
Physically controlling valuable trade resources (territory) becomes very important.


  • All starting merchants characters at campaign start are removed.
  • All merchants recruitment abilities for building are removed.
  • Boost up non-merchant trade income , x 1.85 (+85%), Trade Multiplier parameter
  • Boost mining income x 2 (+100%), Mining Multiplier parameter
  • Merchant guild requirements are rebalanced (lowered), from 100 250 400 to 25 60 120, Merchant Guild Levels parameter
  • save game compatible, you can alter / uninstall after campaign start or even install on on going campaign (but existing merchants won't be removed, but they will die sooner or later).


Balancing world economy after merchants removal.

After merchants removal there's big 'hole' in game world economy, a lot of income is missing for all the factions.
Observations from many games with various factions shows that approximately merchant trade income is somehow similar to half or more of trade income. Sometimes half of it. Sometimes almost equal to trade income.
Of course it varies from faction to faction, from game to game, from turn to turn, but its something similar.

I've carefully found trade multiplier x 1.85 that balances merchants removal, world economy is approximately in the same shape. It's possibly to big, you can experiment and lower it. But I like more money in world economy.
And mining multiplier x 2.0 .
You can change it via parameters, but above parameters values are well tested.

Balancing Merchant Guild requirements

A lot of merchant guild points came from event 'merchant is on resource' for each turn.
With no merchants the guild requirements need to be adjusted - lowered.
Original are 100 (1 lvl) 250 (2 lvl) 400 (3 lvl), I've changed them to 25 60 120.
This value is not well tested yet, but it works similar to original guild with merchants for small factions.
I haven't tested it for big factions like Byzantine or Moors.

Additional data

  • Below is a vanilla SSHIP economy 'histogram' after 10 turns.
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