Merchants Nerfed

Merchants availability is much smaller, there's much smaller total limit of merchants units.
With this tweak you get additional merchants only on some 'elite' trade buildings like Merchant Guild etc.
Tweak is highly configurable.

Why ?

In vanilla SSHIP / SS / vanilla game it's easy to get new merchants - a lot of them, they're important source of income, but their management is real pain, also their in-game representation is not super historically accurate.
For more explenations see similar Merchants Removed tweak and below forum thread & pool:

But - Merchants are nice addition to gameplay, so removing them completely (Merchants Removed) is too harsh.


See below JoC posts:

Within one particular settlement merchants limits from various settlements buildings do not stack, do not sum.
From one particular settlement you have merchant limit of one maximum value from all its buildings.


You can configure this tweak as you like, click this tweak 'Options' See below screenshot.
You can change the configuration but please remember to confirm new parameter value with 'Enter' key and then 'Ok'.
Below is my actual configuration, you can set it as you like.


  • Trade Multiplier, Mining Multiplier, merchants guild levels - explainet in Merchants Removed, also in forum posts.
  • Remove starting merchants - "true" will remove all already present merchants on campaign map on campaign start (requires new campaign of course) .
  • Capital - merchants limit for 'capital' settlements. Default 1. We want to achieve objective that each faction could have always minimum ONE merchant regardless any buildings
  • Capital & Trade Republics. Trade republics are Pisa, Venice & Novogrod. So they can have two (defaullt) merchants in 'capital'. Or set it to one to reset bonus for trade republics.
  • Next there's a list of trade buildings and their merchants limit.
  • ……
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