Mercenaries Costs

Mercenaries costs tweaks : lower recruitment costs and higher upkeep costs

Why ?

Default SSHIP 'policy' for mercenaries is: high initial recruitment cost and low upkeep costs. SSHIP devs explain it that they via this policy want to increase usage of mercenaries for player and AI.
But this don't convinces me.
IMO mercenary policy should be reversed, as in historical reality - it's easy (cheap) to recruit mercenaries but they have high upkeep costs in a long run.
So with this tweak I'm reversing it.


  • Initial recruitment costs is original cost x 0.33 (-60%) for all mercenaries (with small exceptions), parameter "Recruit Cost Multiplier"
  • Upkeep cost is original cost x 1.8 (+80%) for all mercenaries (with small exceptions), parameter "Upkeep Cost Multiplier"
  • Exceptions from above : mercenary units that also are recruitable via barracks and similar 'normal' military buildings (except Byzantine Mercenary Barracks). Such units are untouched , because they've already quite reasonable recruitment & upkeep costs
  • Few crusader units are treated specially, it's shown in below table
Unit name Recruitment multiplier Upkeep multiplier
Crusader Sergeants 0.5 1.7
Crusader Knights 0.5 1.25
Dismounted Crusader Knights 0.5 1.25
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