Max Treasury Limited

Maximum Faction Treasury is limited to certain number.
Works the same for AI & player.

Why limit max treasury

As an effect of unbalanced economy or AI bug sometimes factions tends to accumulate tremendous amounts of cash, like 100 000 or 300 000 or more.
One of negative effects from it is that is breaks down top factions economy graphs, you can only read from it who's got the most money (ex. Byznatine 1…….. florins) and that's all, rest of factions graphs are unreadable.
It also possibly breaks down faction strength calculations by AI.

Maximum treasury

Current maximum value is about 120 000 - 150 000 florins.
Parameter value is 150 000.
If treasury goes more than this, big "inflation" will be applied at end of faction turn.

Inflation is applied progressively, the higher treasury the bigger inflation.

Current "inflation" table is as follows :

Minimum Treasury , Maximum Treasury , Inflation Value

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