Longer Battles

Longer battles - with this feature your battles will last much longer & be more tactical oriented

In standard SSHIP / Stainless Steel battles "soldiers just die too damn fast"
Often within a battle there's not enough time to perform some historically correct tactical maneuvers like flanking etc, because battle is quickly resolved after initial clash of forces.
This is not historical, this is boring.

With this feature troops fighting face to face will not die/lose so quickly.
Units simultaneously attacked from front & flank/rear will die quickly.

This enables you more tactical possibilities.
For example : your thinned infantry center line will still hold long enough that you will be able to successfully execute your flanking maneuvers.

Another example is in this thread : http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?654744-SSHIP-General-Discussion&p=15161469&viewfull=1#post15161469

"Longer battles" makes the battles far more tactical.
Now it's very important to have reserves, or to have 'free' units (not already bind in combat) to perform tactical maneuvers which will give you advantage over enemy.

Another example - it's possible to surround enemy. In Vanilla SSHIP/SS it's almost impossible - someone will route first, your tinned lines or enemy.


Technical Details - Hit Rate 1.0 - Default proposed version

  • HitRate from 3.0 to 1.0 (parameter)
  • Charge value is multiplied * 1.2 (+20%) for all units (parameter)

Technical Details - Hit Rate 0.5 - alternative version:

  • This feature lowers the killing ratio from original 3.0 to 0.5
  • Charge value is multiplied x 2.0 (Charge Multiplier parameter) for ALL units
  • ALL heavy infantry is given "powerful_charge" attribute (parameter).
  • ALL heavy cavalry is given "powerful_charge" attribute (parameter).
  • Other cavalry (light cavalry) units with really high charging value are given "powerful_charge" attribute.
  • you need manually modify feature parameters - Options panel - as above.


Why stronger charges ?

This explanation is valid mostly for HitRatio 0.5 version.
It's partially valid and used for HitRatio 1.0
Lowering "Hit ratio" works very well but has negative side effects.
Charge effect is very negatively affected by it - because 'charge effect' lasts only for a few seconds after impact and with lowered hit ratio - charges will almost do nothing more that normal assault.
Its critical to fix it, especially for cavalry.
So all unit charge values are doubled (Charge Multiplier parameter).
But that's still not enough basing on my tests. Charge value can't be raised further (x 3 or more) because there's a final 'attack strength' cap with value 63 or similar.
Adding "powerful_charge" attribute will do the job, but it's needed only for heavy shock cavalry (I think so).
Additionally , there are some light cavalry units with original high charge value - so that means their charge should be also very efficient.

Similar consideration can be used for infantry charges - they should have some effect, high attack units should be more effective charging than not charging :-) .
So also their charge value is doubled (as for all units) but only heavy infantry got "powerful_charge" attribute.

Hit ratio values research

I've done a few tests with different Hit Ratio values.
Tests are done with pattern : two units with the same type are charging each other, I measure casualties after 1:00 minute, 2:00 minutes and time when any unit starts to route.
Tests were done with huge unit size.
Tests were done for various his ratio value

Mailed Sword Knight vs Mailed Sword Knight

Unit size : 64 men
Attack : 7
Defense : 20
Charge : 4

Hit Ratio Casualties after 1:00 min Casualties after 2:00 min Time to route
3.0 30 44 2:30 - 3:00
1.0 14 30 2:30 - 3:00
0.5 ?? ?? 5:00 - 5:30
0.1 5 7 ??

Spearmen vs Spearmen

Unit size : 78 men
Attack : 2
Defense : 11
Charge : 3

Hit Ratio Casualties after 1:00 min Casualties after 2:00 min Time to route
3.0 23 46 ??
1.0 15 29 ??
0.1 2 2 ??

Peasants vs Peasants

Unit size : 102 men
Attack : 0/1 ?
Defense : 0/1 ?
Charge : ?

Hit Ratio Casualties after 1:00 min Casualties after 2:00 min Time to route
3.0 48 routed ??
1.0 26 43 ??
0.1 7 12 ??
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