Land Bridges

There are few features that add Land-bridges

Of course you should pick to install only one, because those tweaks will override each other.

Why additional landbridges ?

Because AI is very incompetent at land-naval operations, it can have many full stacks ex: in Africa (Moors) and is unable to transport those stack to Iberia where they're very needed.

Please help me - how to do beautiful land-bridges, not this ugly green arrows ??

Caution - long regeneration of map.rwm

Those tweaks to work must delete map.rwm, then after first campaign lauch the game will regenerate it (once) - but this takes time.
It can look like game has hang, but it's working. It can take even up to few minutes depending on system performance.
After regenerating the map my advice is to quit and restart game.

Land bridge Gibraltar

Add land bridge near Gibraltar, connects Africa with Iberia.
This land bridge has serious effect on gameplay & strategic balance, it vastly helps Moors AI and as Moors are very strong faction, with this land bridge Moors could be deadly effective.
Consider well installing this land bridge !.
I recommend doing it only if you are :

  • going to play as Faction that can early counter Moors (southern catholic factions & France & possibly England)
  • you want very hard & enjoying game.

With Gibraltar land bridge Moors faction - if not opposed early on by competent human player or nerfed some other way - will become very powerful !

Below is world map in 1154 year - 45 turns after campaign start.


As you see - Moors are controlling almost all south-west Africa, Tripolitania is besieged by moors and will fall shortly, and moors are attacking Europe through sicily. (as in earlier history)
Aragon - leaded my me - has retaken Valencia & Murcia and already wiped out a few full stack moor armies.

From the other side - I've created this modification exactly with this goal - to have very hard & enjoying game, a lot of full stack heroic battles and so on :-)
So it's very satisfying & it feels like real Reconquista- win or die, conquer or be conquered


Land-Bridge Gibraltar & La Manche

Adds two land-bridges :

  • Gibraltar- see above
  • over La Manche canal - connects Normady & British Isles. This land bridge is especially ugly, loong green arrow over channel, I'm unable to make it more beautiful. This land bridge will help England.


This feature does map.rwm removal - READ !!! - first campaign launch run will be slow !!

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