Installation Instructions

SSHIP Tweaks mod comes it a form of convenient GUI Windows Application, you can easily choose which tweaks you want to install.
SSHIP Tweaks App will modify SSHIP files basing on your choices / preferences.


SSHIP Tweaks App is written in Java 8, so you need to have installed Java 8 platform.
Installation is very easy and probably your desktop has it already installed anyway.
How to determine if Java is installed and what version it is, follow link:

Another - rather obvious requirement is to have SSHIP installed.
There's possibility that SSHIP Tweaks will work also on your modified SSHIP version, all depends on type of your modifications and tweaks you want to install.
See How it works for further info on this topic.

Install/Update Java:

You can install Java 8 from official Oracle page, here :
Click 'Free Java download' and follow instructions.

Download SSHIP Tweaks

Download latest version from my Google Drive.
Please pick up latest version (change view to list view - upper right corner) or older other at your own risk.

Install SSHIP Tweaks

Extract downloaded .zip into mod directory, so you should have SSHIP-Tweaks folder on the same level as data folder.
So your mod folder ( in most cases: …\Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\SS6.3 ) should look like on below picture.

After installing go to Usage page or just run those SSHIP-Tweaks.jar file

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