How It Works

This page describes how 'SSHIP Tweaks' works

Updating / Patching instead of raw overriding whole files

This is the key implementation concept of SSHIP Tweaks.
95% tweaks (features) are just modifying some small parts of MTW2 files that are needed for particular tweak to work.
There's very little overriding of whole files - mostly only for 3rd party modifications.

So 'SSHIP Tweaks' works in a patcher/updater manner.

Such 'policy' makes various features highly compatible between each other, one feature is not overriding the other feature.
Also it increases compatibility for further vanilla SSHIP releases.

'Apply Tweaks' sequence of tasks :

Those steps happen when you click 'Apply' button:

  • Restore backup. Application backups all files it modifies. First step is to restore previous backup if exists
  • So Tweaks are ALWAYS applied on clean Vanilla SSHIP version, or version you have installed.
  • Backup of 'Override files' (see below) into 'Backup' directory.
  • Override files tasks are executed first, files are overridden into mod directory. Some features will override whole files.
  • Features are applied over files in program memory in a 'patcher/updater' manner (see above).
  • modified files are backed up into 'Backup' directory
  • modified files are written into mod directory.
  • some features can delete files (ex. map.rwm or texts . bin . string files )
  • Done :-)
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