Garrison Script

Garrison Script

Garrison Script consist of separate tweaks :

  • No unguarded settlements, if settlement is empty single low level 'garrison' unit will be created at end of turn
  • Raise additional 'garrison' units on siege, when walls are attacked

Garrison Script is described on twcenter forums, in minimod section, url:

Garrison Script in SSHIP Tweaks in exactly the same version as described on forum thread, plus additional feature noted below.
Mod version that is available for download was created exactly with this tool - 'SSHIP Tweaks installer / patcher'.

This is large modification, a lot of scripting, this will slowdown end turn a little bit.
But -> how many times you;ve restarted the game after some turns, because it wasn't challenging any more ?
So in my opinion it's better to have slightly longer end turn time than restart campaigns every 50 - 100 turns :-) .

Garrison script : raise unit on siege - version 1.3 :

Garrison will be raised ONLY:

  • If general (family member or named character) is present in the settlement . Reason -> leader (Noble) is needed for people to organize. It's a major change from previous version.
  • AND settlement loyalty is 'Happy' means green face! -> No one will fight for you as volunteer if population is unhappy with your rule. It's a major change from previous version.
  • not rioting - obvious
  • not in plague
  • related & preferred tweak is Nobility-many generals & governors - it should will give you & AI enough generals.
  • related & preferred tweak is Crusade & Jihad more Settlements - more settltments are jihadeable & crusadeable

Additionally: Settlement that are target of Crusade & Jihad settlements will raise garrisons :

  • Crusade Target when ruling faction is not Catholic
  • Jihad target - when ruling faction is not islam
  • it's done logical

Garrison script : raise unit on siege - Options :

  • Population Recovery Turns - number of turns for particular settlement population to recover from last 'raising troops'. Raising troop in settlement won't happen more often that this number.
  • Minimum Loyalty Level - minimum population loyalty to raise troops. If people hate you they won't fight for you. 0 - disabled (always), 1 - Happy , 2 - content ……. 5 - rebelling (so also always).
  • Garrison Size :
  • MEDIUM - to get medium garrisons (like in version 1.2 )
  • SMALL - to have smaller garrisons. (default value).

Small garrisons will be raised in all settlements EXCEPT:

  • CAPITALS - here will be always MEDIUM garrison
  • very small settlements, smaller garrison for them means less units than one unit = zero units, so no additional garrison

Garrison Script with SMALL option will generate much more smaller campaign_script.txt file, so end turn times should be shorter then in MEDIUM version.

Small garrisons means smaller then Medium with one or two units, something like that

##### Campaign game on auto-mode, all AI factions, year 1220, ~177 turns #####
With Garrison Script #1, recommenden by me. Also with all my other tweaks, but they don't change game so much.
This test was to check fot CTD with this garrison script (not single one) and AI expansion. Expansion was very good.
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