Factions Specifics

Specifics pros & cons for some factions - to make game more diverse

Holy Roman Empire

German empire is going thought turbulent times which anyway will result with catastrophic protestant revolution

  • Law -3

Norwegian & Danes

They're strong hardened northern people with fighting in their blood

  • +2 to replenish rates -


+2 to replenish rates - hope they'll do something

Catholic Traders

aragon, portugal, pisa, venice, england, jerusalem - bonus to trade

Byzantium must fall

Byzantium - schismatic empire which separated from Holy Roman Catholic Church - the Light of Truth in the world.
Byzantium empire is in the terminal phase, is free falling into destruction.
High corruption, demoralization, internal struggles for power, , highly bureaucratic, …… .
Orthodox religion becomes 'frozen', it's becoming less and less 'expansive' (no or less 'evangelism' than Catholic / Muslim).
Byzantium must fall but in a long run terms, slowly (as in history).


  • -1 to Population growth bonus on every military building. That's historic.
  • -1 to merchant bonuses trade buildings (smaller bonuses) - high bureaucracy
  • -1 to replenish rates (slower replenish of units)
  • and ………. -8 flat population growth minus, as I told ya Byzantium must fall.

Crusader States

There's high disorder, many religions, interests, adventurists from Europe seeking their chance, pilgrims, powers, ….. . It's a place of civilization clash.

  • Law -2


The Eldest Daughter of the Church, great heritage of Charlemagne.

  • Religion Bonus +1

Sultanate of Rum (Anatolia Turks)

Historically they dynamically expanded & demolished Byzantium. They need to be strong.

  • +2 replenish rate bonus (more troops available).
  • related : see Factions Fate for this faction
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