Crusade & Jihad: More Settlements

More settlements are available as target for Crusade or Jihad

Why this tweak ?

For more diverse gameplay.
For 'what if' scenarions.
I've added Crusade/Jihad availability for some major Settlements, historically looks possible that those settlement could also be targets of Crusade / Jihads (for me).


I've added Crusadce or Jihad abilities to settlements below.
It's copy & paste from my code but it's readable - settlement (province) name, Crusade or Jihad or both added.

descrRegions.addResources("Zaragoza_Province", Arrays.asList(
        DescrRegions.Crusade ) );

descrRegions.addResources("Barcelona_Province", Arrays.asList(
        DescrRegions.Jihad ) );

descrRegions.addResources("Milan_Province", Arrays.asList(DescrRegions.Crusade, DescrRegions.Jihad ) );
descrRegions.addResources("Cordoba_Province", Arrays.asList(DescrRegions.Crusade, DescrRegions.Jihad ) );

descrRegions.addResource("Paris_Province", DescrRegions.Jihad );
descrRegions.addResource("Constantinople_Province", DescrRegions.Jihad );
descrRegions.addResource("Esztergom_Province", DescrRegions.Jihad );
descrRegions.addResource("Lisbon_Province", DescrRegions.Crusade );
descrRegions.addResource("Damascus_Province", DescrRegions.Jihad );
descrRegions.addResource("Granada_Province", DescrRegions.Jihad );
descrRegions.addResource("Sevilla_Province", DescrRegions.Jihad );
descrRegions.addResource("Leon_Province", DescrRegions.Crusade );

plus Rome has Jihad enabled :-)


This feature does map.rwm removal - READ !!! - first campaign launch run will be slow !!

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