Catholic Iberia Units Recruitment Increased

Catholic Iberian factions (Spain, Aragon, Portugal) have better recruitment abilities, added some spearmen units with lowered replenish rates.
Also - those factions get some better initial troops, because of ongoing Reconquista

Why ?

Spain, Aragon, Portugal desperately lacks of any semi-professional and professional spearmen units.
Their only options are Spear Militia (very weak) & Mercenaries Spearmen (very good, but low availability & expensive, especially with Mercenaries Costs tweak).
In addition there is Reconquista going on in Iberia, a lot of soldiers & knights & semi-crusaders & full crusaders from France, Italy, Germany, etc are involved in Iberia.
So this should be somehow reflected in game.
So I decided to add for them some limited semi-professional and professional spearmen units recruitment, Spearmen via castle barracks & Sergeant Spearmen via crusaders chapter houses.
And limited Light Sworsmen or Light men at arms in castle drill square.
And some better initial troops (Reconquista).


  • Spearmen unit (technical name: Sergeant Spearmen) recruitment for Spain Aragon Portugal in castle [barracks, garrison quarters, drill square) with lowered replenish rates by -2. (compared to ex.: France).
  • Sergeant Spearmen unit (technical name : Armored Sergeants) recruitment for Spain Aragon Portugal in : Kinghts of Santiago Chapter House (minor - 15 turns replenish, major 13 turns replenish), castle Templars Chapter House (minor 12 replenish, major 10 replenish), castle st. John Chapter House )minot 12 replenish, major 10 replenish).
  • Light Swordsmen or Light Men at Arms added into castle drill square for many factions in Iberia territory with low replenish rates.
  • Aragon is able to train "Caballeros Villanos" in castle stables with low replenish rates. Reason: I like Aragon faction very much :-)
  • Initial 'crusader' like troops because of Reconquista. I've replaced corresponding type of troops with better professional ones: Aragon : 1 proff archers, 1 Crossbow Militia instead of Spear M., 1 x Crusader Sergeants instead of Spear M. , 1 x Spearmen instead of Alforarats.
  • Spain: 1 x professional Archers, 1 x crossbow militia, 2 x Crusader Sergeants, 1 x Spearmen
  • Portugal: 1 x professional Archers, 1 x Crossbow Militia, 1 x Crusader Sergeants
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