BeeMugCarl Campaign AI

BeeMugCarl Campaign AI - very good alternative Campaign AI

This tweak install alternative AI created by BeeMugCarl , here is his source TW Forums thread:

This tweak is save game compatible.

All credits & copyrights & thanks goes to BeeMugCarl

I find BeeMugCarl AI very very good.
If you are playing campagin for the time and you are bored of well known SSHIP (SS) standard AI patters, you can try this one.
See his TW Forum thread, link below.
CAI installed is only Capaign AI, not Diplomatic AI.
I find BeeMugCarl Diplomatic AI very … aggressive and unstable, so I don't recommend it.

I like this Campaign AI because:

  • AI from time to time will attack you from two directions, it's very enjoying, less predictable & sometimes much more harder to defend (sometimes easier).
  • AI will produce ships !! YES, this AI produces ships !
  • AI is 'faster', more aggressive on campaign map. If it decides to attack you (here I feel it acts same as original SS AI), that it executes attack in more aggressive & surely way.


Copied from original BeeMugCarl TW Thread:

  • Smart Defensive AI. will defend key cities and sue for peace when losing or outnumbered.
  • Attacking with more than one army at once and at multiple points.
  • Supports Allies with force.
  • Less pesky declarations of war from naval blockades.
  • Aggressive Rebels that WILL fight you and won't leave their cities unguarded.
  • A new and improved battle AI! (Watered down version of G5RBAI)
  • Tiny little file size and high compatibility. you really have no reason not to try this out!
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