BeeMugCarl AI Tweaks

Some AI related Tweaks proposed by BeeMugCarl AI
They are in this post:
in the second spoiler.
I will copy&paste them and the bottom of this page.

I've implemented some of his tweaks, those I personally find useful and important.

Implemented tweaks:


They are set for maximum value 100600
This will help AI with pathfinding calculations, but this doesn't affect movement range.
CAUTION: this requires to delete map.rwm (Application will do it with this tweak) - but the first campaign start after this will take a lot of time - could be even a few minutes.
Game will look like frozen, but it's not, it's regenerating map.rwm with those starting_action_points maximum value.
Be patient. After campaign start I advice to quit game & restart it , the map will be already regenerated.


This feature does map.rwm removal - READ !!! - first campaign launch run will be slow !!

Special Traits for AI Generals

This will give AI generals some traits, so AI will be encouraged to use generals for army command & settlement governing.
This will also give some advantage for AI over human player

  • Effect Fertility 1
  • Effect Command 1
  • Effect LineOfSight 6
  • Effect PersonalSecurity 2
  • Effect SiegeEngineering 50
  • Effect Attack 1
  • Effect Loyalty 2
  • Effect Chivalry 1
  • Effect BattleSurgery 30
  • Effect HitPoints 1
  • Effect TaxCollection 10
  • Effect Construction 5

Additional Recruitment slots for AI buildings

This tweak is currently disabled, but it's interesting to consider it: AI has small bonus -> more recruitment slots than player.

BeeMugCarl AI related Tweaks & advice - ORIGINAL POST:

I have also included a baby advice file which includes a list of things I haven't included in the file, 
and just general AI advice to people making mods that anybody can implement, here is the advice file if you don't want to download the misc pack.

for the core buildings i advise these lines

construction_cost_bonus_stone bonus 90 requires event_counter is_the_ai 1
construction_cost_bonus_wooden bonus 90 requires event_counter is_the_ai 1

it bypasses the need for lengthy finance scripting, it means the ai will be constantly upgrading their infrastructure.

on a similar note the following hidden traits are amazing for boosting the ai and its level of competence.

Effect Fertility 3
Effect Command 4
Effect LineOfSight 6
Effect PersonalSecurity 2
Effect SiegeEngineering 50
Effect Attack 4
Effect Loyalty 2
Effect Chivalry 2
Effect BattleSurgery 30
Effect HitPoints 3
Effect TaxCollection 80
Effect Construction 90

it's up to you how much of each is reasonable but all of those lines are perfect for the ai, i advise attack and not defense as it allows
the ai aggressors an advantage. and we should be rewarding their proactivity.

in the character file the following is good.

starting_action_points 100600 ; default value for all characters and pathfinding calculations (its for ai calculations)

make wage of generals nothing and captains high, makes the ai use generals more.
same with every unit, but i only reccomend doing this to generals, maybe also admirals 0
also, lowering the wage of diplomats has a similar benifical effect.

in descr_campaign_db try your hardest to make ai revolt a non factor.

in SM Factions, give everybody naval invasions, it helps a tonne.
put all rebels on as low a spawn as possible, you don't have to but DEFINITELY reduce the pirates chance of spawning as all they do is discourage
naval invasions by the ai.

In the units file, you can give units up to 7 'fake' hit points, please do so with your own scrutiny to help the auto odds in the way you wish.

For the descr_strat file a few things can be done.
firstly the necessary bit, put every single ai_label to default (except papal states unless you want them to be aggressive)
give the slave faction 0 starting gold but a fairly large purse to help them to defend their cities from around turn 15 to later which is when they
start to build up their defenses, if you give them too much starting gold it can hinder the ais early expansion.
removing night battles is awesome, the ai screws itself too much with it and the human can abuse it super hard.
as far as starting armies and infrastructure goes, i advise you give the bigger starting nations (ie byzantines) a super centralised production to both
hinder the expansion and also to make the centralised zone way more important.
small starting armies localised towards where you wish expansion to happen (or not happen as it may go)

for very spread out factions (ie cumans) i reccomend giving them high amounts of recruitment slots or just in general a better miltary infrastructure.
just in general, both me the player and the ai finds high recruitment slots a more enjoyable experience.

on that note, the final things i advise is removing all free upkeep from the game as the human player can abuse it and the ai doesn't realise it exists.
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