Archers Levy Boost

Levy / Peasant Archers are usable

Why ?

I find Levy/Peasant Archers almost completely useless. Maybe they're useful for settlement garrison for lowering unrest.
Levy Archers & all archers using 'peasant_arrow' have very weak missile fire.
Damage = 1 and very bad arrow capabilities (very inaccurate?) result in that they're only able to kill other Levy Archers or Peasants,
they will do very little harm to even Spear Militia or any unit with any level of Armor & Shield.

Details :

  • +1 Missile Damage to all units using 'peasant_arrow'. There's 4 units of that type. (Peasant Archers, EE …. , ME … )
  • -20% to range. Why ? Because +1 Damage makes them … to effective :-) . Also their vanilla SSHIP range is quite big - 120 (meters ?). As I understand Levy Archers are some kind 'hunters', little trained. So their range should be similar to Archery Hunters which is not great in real life.
  • Priority Offset set to 4 (original about -20)
  • replenish rates lowered by 2
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