Archers Crossbowmen Availability

Archers & Crossbowmen recruitment availability tweaks

Western Professional archers are harder to train, require +1 turns to recruit.
Militia Crossbowmen are much common (bigger replenish rates) & easy to train, 1 turn to recruit.

Effect :

So the effect for Western Player is: Professional Archers are hard to recruit,
thanks to its low availability it becomes 'elite' unit.
As player-commander I've started to protect my Archers very well from charge or infantry melee and even from enemy missile fire.
They're to costly to create & too effective to risk their lives.
With this modification Western Archers are 'strategic' unit same as Knights -> you know exactly how many of them you have got (not many) & where they are stationed.

On the other hand : crossbowman militias are much more easier to create, higher replenish, 1 turn recruitment, available in cities with city watch, … .
So they're much common in my armies.
Same for AI armies, I've started to see Crossbows there.

So normal assault army in most cases consists of 2-3 crossbows & one 'elite' professional archer unit.
Two 'elite' professional archer units in one army means -> it's 'special' task force created to win hard battle , conquer province, … .

Moors (AI) started to produce their Crossbowman, I started to see them on battlefield.
I read that during Reconquista both sides have heavily used crossbowman units, because low availability of western archers & low quality of muslim ones (no repulsion/relfex(?) bows).

See this and next post for further details and considerations :

Details - Archers:

  • All Western professional Archers (recruit turns >= 2) got +1 to recruit turns time
  • So ex: to recruit Western Archer Missle=4 (EDU Prussian Archer) you need 4 turns (2 years) , and similar goes to all non-levy western archers.
  • Recruit Priority Offsets +5 / +10 for : Prussian Archer , Berber Archers , Andalusian Archers, Dismounted Fari Archers. So AI will train them in bigger priority.
  • ..

Details - Crossbomen:

  • Crossbows Militias (western , eastern, me ) have bigger replenish rates, +2 turn bonus to replenish (ex. 6 turns replenish instead of initial 8)
  • Crossbows Militias (western , eastern, me ) have 1 turn construction time (instead of initial 2 turns)
  • Crossbow Militia (Western) are rectuitable from town guard (replenish 15 turns - very low), city watch (replenish 8 turns) drill square (replenish 7 turns) and so on
  • ME Crossbowmen militia is also recruitable in city barracks from city watch, starting with 13 turns replenish rate (very low), for muslim factions
  • ME Crossbowmen militia is also recruitable in castle practice range
  • Crossbow & EE Crossbow militias : +5 to recruit_priority_offset -> so AI is recruiting them more often
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