Agents Numbers Limited

Agents number ale limited per faction, depending on faction total settlement count
Currently only Assassins total count is limited.

Why ?

I'm tired of endless 'Assasin tries to kill' animations on campaign map on end of turn.
AIs are producing large amounts of assasins.
No more. :-)


  • Each faction has limit of agents (assasins) it can recruit
  • Limit depends on total settlements count
  • If faction has equal or less then 5 settlements : it can produce 3 assasins
  • If faction has more that 5 settlements (N settlements): it can produce 3 + N/5 assassins. Simple.
  • same behavior for player & AI
  • This is quite advanced feature (simple for the player), a lot of script work.
  • If assassins limit is reached a log entry is created :
20:10:03.186 [game.script] [always] Agents Assassin LIMIT ENABLED for jerusalem: settlements (5,10] agents max=4
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